Located on the Lipno lake in the Czech Republic»

Published on 11-01-2017

As a glittering gem in the rugged landscape of South Bohemia in the Czech Republic lies the imposing Lipnomer. From the distance you see it all brilliantly. Many picturesque towns show off her side. Whoever arrives here experiences the rest and understands why every nature lover closes this area right in his heart. The park is within walking distance of the cozy center of Lipno with its restaurants, terraces, alleys and shops. You will stay in a beautiful setting of water and mountains. Nature shows itself on her most beautiful side every day. The 42-kilometer long lake invites you in summer to go for water sports and sunbathe on its wide beaches. In winter it has been transformed into an atmospheric nature park surrounded by beautiful snowy slopes, which are romantically lit in the evening. In the surrounding area there is also an indoor swimming pool, bowling alleys and a squash center. The beautifully finished homes are all equipped with a quality and attractive interior. For more information, go to www.residencelipno.nl