What we do for you

Wire Furniture

With a rich experience in the furniture industry as a background, Willem van den Elsen and René Evers decided to join hands in 2006.

Wire Furniture BV was created.

What simply began, has now become a full-fledged international enterprise projecting project for the recreation industry. Interior of quality.

Your experience is our driving force.

The right appearance ensures peace, fun and a sense of comfort. Of course, quality is central to this. You expect from us not only a beautiful picture, but a functional interior. With our expertise, we ensure quality at a competitive price. Thoughtful interior solutions provide practical design, easy maintenance and long service life. Logistic facility route Wire Furniture BV has short internal communication lines. We are glad to take care of you, but you decide to what extent our cooperation is going on. From replacement of certain interior elements to a completely silent installation range.

To avoid surprises, a visit to the location belongs to us as a standard.


In addition, we provide (if desired):

- Advice on placement of CAI and electricity terminals;

- Purchase at source at reputable reputable factories worldwide;

- Quality checks at the factory; - Check in our central warehouse;

- (Temporary) upload and transfer;

- Transport to the location at home and abroad;

- All import and export documents;

- High quality installation and assembly on site;

- Disposal of packaging materials;

- Final cleaning and cleaning of kitchen appliances in the kitchen;

-Exploration according to planning.


Want more information? Then make an appointment and visit our showroom. We are ready for you.